Eurasian Myth, New Dawn – 3 Translations of Boris Nad

Over the past several months, fruitful collaboration with “the world’s most unusual magazine”, New Dawn, has furthered the endeavor of bringing the works of the Serbian author Boris Nad into the English language. (See “(Re-)Writing Myth: An Interview with Boris Nad”)

To date, three texts by Boris Nad have come to light on the pages of New Dawn:

The first, “The Eurasian Vision: From the End of History to a New Beginning”, was featured in New Dawn Special Issue Vol. 15, No. 3:

In this original text authored especially for New Dawn, Nad meditates on the collapse of the modern Western world order and, while appreciating the element of unpredictability in historical paradigm shifts, envisions how the world order(s) of the future might see the creative synthesis of “new” and “old” civilizational forms.

The next Special Issue No. 4 featured “Sacred Geography and the Legend of Agartha: A Spiritual Journey between History and Mystery.” Partially excerpted from the novel A Tale of Agartha (featured in Nad’s volume The Reawakening of Myth [PRAV Publishing, 2020]) and imparted with fresh remarks, this text explores the deeper and wider backdrop of the myth of Agartha, speaking to how sacred geography encompasses archetypes which lead us to travel on more than just the terrestrial plane.

Most recently,  New Dawn Special Issue No. 5 published a fresh edition of what remains Boris Nad’s most iconic text, “The Return of Myth” (partially excerpted by PRAV Publishing).

“The Return of Myth” is one of the centerpieces of the first volume of Boris Nad’s selected works translated into English, The Reawakening of Myth, available to order from PRAV Publishing and New Dawn.

Sincere thanks are owed to New Dawn for making wider access to the works and worlds of Boris Nad possible.

At the same time, it bears pondering the underlying question:

What does it mean that, in 2021, an Australia-based magazine devoted to “ancient wisdom and new thinking” is bringing forth the visions of a Serbian writer beholding the reawakening of Eurasian myths?

Without a doubt, this phenomenon in itself is a most significant sign of the times – a “dawning” of the sort which the magazine New Dawn and the author Boris Nad have been anticipating and putting into words for three decades…