The Aphorisms of Dragoš Kalajić – Part I

“Wolfgang”, from the series “Portraits of European Nations”, 1993, by Dragoš Kalajić [] 

The Aphorisms of Dragoš Kalajić – Part I 

Translated by Jafe Arnold


Presented below for the first time in English translation are 26 of the 42 posthumously selected “Thoughts” of the great Serbian intellectual Dragoš Kalajić (1943-2005), one of those monumental figures of the “alternative 20th century” whose life and works are impossible to encapsulate with any single generic term. Philosopher, artist of “Hyperborean Realism”, author of multiple genres, TV-speaker, cultural critic, graduate cum laude of the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome who reportedly received praise from Julius Evola, geopolitical activist and visionary, Traditionalist (credited with introducing Traditionalism to Yugoslavia), Serbian patriot with a pan-European (and, indeed, Eurasian) agenda, “the man who had his own Center” – all and none of these prevalent descriptives are capable of conveying a sense of the immense engagements, works and legacy of this thinker who, while famous in his native Serbia and to limited extents known in Italy and Russia, remains largely unknown in the English-language world. The revelation of Kalajić’s works remains a task of the future. For now, Continental-Conscious presents in translation a number of Kalajić’s “aphorisms” which the curators of, the only archive and resource dedicated to Kalajić known to us, unveiled as “a small, subjective selection, for starters.” The anonymous, volunteer compilers of these passages remark:

“We shall refrain from big words here. But we cannot help but remark that in the 20th century, in Serbian culture, art, and thought, there is no voice and phenomenon comparable to Kalajić. If he had written in one of the great European languages, hardly anyone today would question his place among the greats…We will not speak of fame, because our notion of fame [glory] is infinitely far from the banality into which such is plunged by the noisy and vain ‘civilization of the spectacle.'” 

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The First International Online Conference on the Fourth Political Theory


On 1 August 2020, the First International Online Conference on the Fourth Political Theory, themed “Global Perspectives, New Challenges, Epistemological Problems”, was facilitated by Paideuma TVLed by the “most dangerous philosopher in the world” and the author of The Fourth Political Theory [1], Alexander Dugin, the conference gathered nearly 200 participants from more than 40 countries to exchange perspectives on some of the most pressing questions of philosophy and geopolitics in the early 21st century.  Continue reading “The First International Online Conference on the Fourth Political Theory”